Painting on ANYTHING From Mystery Boxes

Birt 6 nóv 2020
Hey guys! Today I am introducing a new idea for a video series, potentially. Depending on how you guys like this one. Well, I have to at least do 1 more because I still have a couple boxes to open, buuut whatever. 😂
I decided to have a little throwback moment and order some mystery boxes off of Etsy (remember when ebay mystery boxes was like THE trend on youtube?!). I wanted to not only have fun unboxing some random items picked by a stranger, but also throw a creative spin on this. My channel is all about creativity and making art, so I thought a cool way to incorporate some art would be to force myself to choose ONE item received from a mystery box and have to use it as part of some creative project. I will either paint on it, decorate it, customize it orrrrr something completely different, who knows?! It's a mystery!
This ended up being a really fun video to make, so I am reallyy hoping you guys enjoy it, because I would love to do it again. If you have any recommendations for where I can buy some more mystery boxes, please let me know! I think this could get really interesting and be a fun way to discover new painting projects and find cool ideas for things to customize.
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  • it looks like a green pig in a pumpkin

  • Moriah: I am gonna be picking *ONE* mystery item and Bla Bla Bla Fans: *WHY DIDNT YOU DO AT LEAST 3!?* 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫 Moriah: I- i WiLl Do It NeXt ViDeO

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