Turning Myself into a Cupcake

Birt 16 okt 2020
Hey guys! Today is kind of a different video for me. I'm trying something I've never done before and experimenting with face painting, body painting, wigs, and DIY costumes in order to turn myself into a cupcake. Let's say it's in the name of Halloween....even though I kinda just wanted to do this regardless lol.
I went for a cupcake because it's kind of my go to design. I've painted and drawn so many cupcakes over the course of my videos. I'm pretty much obsessed with making cupcake art. So, this seemed like the perfect option!
I am a total novice when it comes to face painting, so this is a super easy face paint design. I know I'm probably making some big mistakes with the technique, but go easy on me, I'm trying 😂. I have also created and easy DIY costume using clothes I already had in my closet and basically just decorating them. I think the final look came out very interesting haha. Hope you like it and enjoy the video!

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  • Me:Fasting. Her :offering meh food me:crying

  • Don’t always be hard on yourself okey your waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better then me at EVRERY THING espeshily ART

  • This is my favourite ME video 😂

  • The only reason this is slightly creepy is it looks like a ghost with no eyebrows. It might look better with eyebrows

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  • 9:28 Moriah: do I look better without eyebrows? Me: Noooooooooooooooo

  • My nightmares come true

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  • okay but moriah,,, you did actually a rly good job with the wig. even me, a cosplayer of 2 years can't do that in a HOUR. doing that would take me forever. so like,,, props to u.

  • moriah: DONT MAKE FUN OF HER moriah: GOSH YOU LoOk CrEEpy me:ok.

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  • I’m scared for her face if she’s supposed to prep of even put on lips and ears how she even wash it!?!?!?......

    • She’s fine it’s been six months

  • U lookscary without eyebrows

  • She tried and that's what madder.

  • I like the confidence but... I'm still scared, chill Moriah!!!!!

  • Moriah when she sees someone jugging her in the comment section. Moraiah : How dare you I am gorgeous as a cupcake Me:👀👁👄👁 really

  • ⠀ ︵ Hi~ (''\(●-●) \ / 0\ \ ( )'' \__T__/

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  • “The seam is my face” -Moriah 2020

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  • You shud go to the Circus

  • Is it's lunch time yet?

  • How do I word this........ Why is this normal

  • i looooooove it. if i had made the outfit, i would crop the shirt and wear...OH!LIPSTICK! THATS WHAT IT NEEDED!!!!BRIGHT BUBBLEGUM PINK LIPS!!

  • This is a very funny edited videos Do a Q&A Copy and paste if you want it

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  • Meanwhile in an alternate universe Elizabeth Moriah the cupcake is turning herself into a human

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  • I want you to do this thing where it your cat picks your squishies like so you put it tree in front of it and then you'll cat will go to which she didn't want and like you'll have to use 3 different paints and you're they'll put the tree in front of the cat to see what he'll pick so you can do that and you have to do it for a whole week

  • Georgie plush and pickle plush:*talking about how amazing Elizabeth is*/everybody:*hearing them*/haters: *hearing them and talk trash that’s not true*/fans: YOU BETTER SHUT UP ABOUT HER OKA HATER!?!?!?!?!

  • have fun trying to get that stuff off and i loved this vid

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  • 13:38 Ngl at this part her eyes and stuff make her look like some kawaii anime gorl

  • Moriah Elizabeth: don't make fun of her me: OK! Moriah Elizabeth: gosh she creepy me: 😬 you just made fun of her also me: shes so weird why do i watch her Channel oh that's right because i'm weird too.

  • well Moriah, weren't you doing this look because it was near halloween, so I think it was supposed to look creepy.

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  • why did u not play the sprinkles song while drawing the sprinkles on ur top????lol tho

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  • Moriah: don’t make fun of her Me: ok Moriah: gosh she’s creepy Me: but but you you told me not to make fun of her

  • You should've done audio when you're doing your make up's and then there would be no cracks

  • you look like a mime cupcake!

  • I'm sorry miss model I shouldn't have laughed ;w; Edit: I dare Moriah to go out like this one time :) oh and mind if sometime I try this?

  • Face paint your face paint your face

  • Peromance art at its best

  • Uhh...???

  • Her putting down the little head thing me having a staring contest with it we all know who won ;)

  • Who else thinks that Moriah should paint a pop it?

  • Who else thinks that Moriah should paint a pop it?

  • Who else thinks that Moriah should paint a pop it?

  • Who else thinks that Moriah should paint a pop it?

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  • most of the hair styling was her being mean to her mannequin

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  • This was posted on my birthday and when I saw the title I was like “Ohhhh what could this be??”