Testing Art Trends I've Missed #2

Birt 18 sep 2020
Hey guys! So I wanted to dedicate a video to testing out the art trends that I've noticed around social media in the past year, but have never actually taken the time to try out.
Last time I did this, I tried hydro dipping and it was a complete mess.....literally. This time I am doing acrylic pour, sometimes called pouring art or fluid art. This is a super satisfying form of art that has been trending for the last couple of years. This is also much bigger than a trend, many professional artists use paint pouring as their primary form of art. I must say, this was so fun to try. It's such a creative, relaxing and super satisfying abstract art form. At the same time, it would be easy for someone at any skill level to create. I hope you enjoy watching my test out this trend for the first time!
Don't forget to check out my train of a hydro dipping video: ischats.info/fun/lcSFo4iciKV6m64/v-deo&ab_channel=MoriahElizabeth
Here is the kit I am using (affiliate link): amzn.to/3c8X6Ur

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  • Sooo looking at the comment section I realize that maybe I didn't follow every "rule" for how to acrylic pour. BUT I had a lot of fun doing this and I am satisfied with the outcome, so that's all that matters right?! 😂 When I'm trying something for the first time, I usually intentionally stay away from watching other people do it for awhile because I want to discover it on my own and maybe even come up with my own methods instead of doing things the exact same way as other people. Sorry if me not doing this the "correct" way is annoying at all for you! 😬

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    • Stop going so hard on your Self youer jist ckusing yourself more troubles go easier on your Self please I don't want my favorite ISchatsrd Channel dying because you don't want to do this anymore!!!!!🥰😍😇🥳😭😭😭😭😽💌💌💌💌💌💌🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🦖🦖

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  • 14:13: burp

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  • Moriah: I don’t like neon colors. Me: neon is the same as pastel.

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  • Moriah invented a new way of painting acrylic puddle

  • pls make slime

  • ur not supposed pour it which sounds kind of crazy cuz it is acrylic pour but you put the paint in the cup and flip the board over onto the cup then when the cup is upside-down in the middle of the canvas/board you lift the cup up so the paint just flows nd then you turn the board

  • I love the ways she said um um um(um is 1 of my fave words)

  • Hydro dipping works with food dye in water instead of spray paint

  • MY BROTHER: omgggg she has TWO animals (during his game) Me: cool (not careing) Moriah: coooooooool me: just the right time

  • ya'll are supposed to put the paint in then put the silicone, that's how you get the layers!

  • Can. I. Have. The . Last . One. Please

  • I just realized this kit is actually good

  • You ruined the strainer piece by moving it around to much it actually started out kinda pretty then you ruined it

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  • You are meant to tilt the cup when you pour the colours in and don’t mix it

    • Yea I've done that by accident before it did not come out as good

  • Question: what the heck do the cells do to the art?

  • Why did you do the sprinkle song for not sprinkles that’s illegal

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  • OMG MORIAH I LOOOVE YOUR STUFF! ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍 Also the last wooden panel kinda looked like rainbow fire bc of the black. Edit: i didn't watch the video all the way before the comments but she said the exact same thing after i commented but I didn't want to delete the comment. 😅😅

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  • Moriah: be cool paint Paint: u did this to me! WHY

  • This isn't the sort of thing you can make a plan for, imma make a plan for it _Moriah

  • Moriah: "what is this, some kind of strainer like what you would serve pasta? Me: 🙄 Moriah : oh its for different effects Me: yes Moriah yes it is

  • Me: Oh god I'm so bored give me an art idea! *sees a cool craft video in recomended* God this is good! I'm coming in for paint pour advice! *realises its by Moriah* Also me: Nevermind then, I'm not creating anything today :')


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  • when she said alo t thought she said a lie XD

  • Moriah when you do it its better when you do red,white,blue,white and like that and its better if you pour it its better when you pour it in a circle

  • I have done paint pour many times and I find that using either paint that you water it down or dilute it yourself or use dollar store paint idk why and it made even more cells than with silicone

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  • Moriah: It isn’t really acrylic pour it’s acrylic puddle Me: Or it can also be acrylic dip🙃

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  • "never give up on someone, they may just need to be dunked into a puddle of paint" Moriah Elizabeth-


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  • 16:00 That's what the Joker thought about Harley Quinn lol

  • I love the 1st and 2nd one

  • if you do ever try this again try putting the clear stuff on in droplets after you pour the paint and then you can control where the little whatsamabobs go

  • Moriah: takes out second batch of colours Me: omg mildliner colourssss

  • I love you Moriah!

  • tip : for canvases you can make a ring about an inch or so thick then pour one color then the color of the ring and the repeat the process then pour the paint into the middle of the ring and boom art

  • New trend: acrylic paint dip

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  • “I hope you enjoyed watching me struggle through this process..........” how could we not?😂😂

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  • Use a hairdryer to make the paint spread out and will not mix tryst me I have tried it

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