Fixing My Old Artwork #2

Birt 26 feb 2021
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Hey guys! Today I I dug up some more of my old, childhood artwork and chose a couple (really bad) drawings that I am going to re-do them as an adult and see if I can improve them! These are really poorly done drawings, so I do a fair amount of roasting (you've been warned 😂 ), but remember if you are a beginner artist, it's okay to not make great art at first. In fact, even if you've been doing art for a long time (*cough* ME), it's okay if your art isn't the best. Don't fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other artists or put too much pressure on yourself. Most of us are just doing this art thing for fun. So do whatever is enjoy able for you! Okay. that's the end of my talk now 😂
This is kinda similar to the "draw this again" challenges I've seen from other youtubers. I was originally going to title this "Re-doing my childhood artwork." BUT I realized this video has a super similar format to my squishy makeovers. There's an art critique section (squishy roasting) and it's all about taking something that doesn't look it's best and transforming it into something new.
I ended up using a bunch of different media for these different drawings including watercolor, colored pencils, digital art with ipad and procreate and watercolor pencils.
Please let me know if you would like to see me do anymore videos like this and if there are any more drawings from the pile that you would like to see me redo in the future. I had a blast with this, and it would be a great way to fill my sketchbook which has been a little neglected lol.

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  • Moriah: "This may be worse art skills than the average 12-year-old" (3:38) Me: OMG I'm 13 and I can't even draw a human face without it looking demented LOL am I okay Edit: Moriah your art is the best BTW!!

  • “I’ve been noticing a lot of people are wearing overalls” Me who grew up in a farm basically born in overalls: ....

  • I LOVE the kitty!

  • I feel like me and mlriah are the opposite- she NEVER draws humans and almost all i draw is humans

  • You should add more green in your projects, that would be cool!

  • i have one of those wartercoloer things


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  • Okay I am super confused because she would be in her 40s if she was 12 before IT came out 🤔🤔🤔

  • She is soo good at drawing when she was just 12 but me 11 years old still cant draw😒😔

  • "It's the ballon boy!" FNAF?

  • Do a part 3 love you


  • Mariah I think the pig looks very good

  • I love how she doesn't fake call someone and she is ACTUALLY on a call

  • "More like Tragically" ~"*Moriah Elizabeth*"~ 2020/2021

  • Oh please please please please PLEASE do this again 🥺 these are some of my favorite things to watch of yours.. I love it love it love it even tho there’s only two lol.... I just rewatch them over and over again lolol

  • This was really fun to watch.maybe you could do a part three?! Also you look really pretty I really like makeup color on you and your sweatshirt is the bomb! Your drawings are actually pretty good better than I could do LOL 😂 I love your channel so much and this was one of my favorite videos .❤️😊 My favorite drawing was the balloon boy....

  • Me and my friends are huge fans

  • Moriah: I'm not the best at drawing Me: cant' even draw a straight line

  • Is it me who just noticed she’s a lefty

  • Moriah: aLtHoUgH SHe dOeS LoOk a LiL bIt SaD iN tHe NEw VerSIoN I cAn SeE a hINt of MeLanCHoLy In hEr eYEs.... Me : wow so I’m not the only one who thought 💭 so....the poor baby..🥺💔 Also me: Oki maybe I’m looking to far into this😂😂😂😂

  • This was a month ago!? Holly crap it feels like four months ago

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  • I dray on that app

  • 1 is amazing

  • Ok I’m not judging but the one she did with overalls reminds me of chucky

  • I love these series about drawings pls do a lot of this but using brush markers (crayola)pls?

  • Hello! I hope you see this, but I just wanted to ask what app you use to digital drawing, I can’t find an app that ???suits??? Me and the app you use looks like it would work for me! 🥺🤗

  • Older then flamingo

  • you dip the pencils in water

  • 👏Morriah👏stop👏saying👏your👏bad👏at👏art👏your👏amazing👏

  • "Balloon Boy" *Flashbacks of HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHS From FNaF 2*

  • Just 😉

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  • I'm 9 and my best drawings have no colorz I'm sure ether

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  • My ipad is not useful for digital art I draw on my ipad whithout ipad pencil bc it cannot use ipad pencils

  • "why even do a drawing if not colour". Me: I colour when I focus on drawing or only rare times don't hate me Moriah

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  • My mom is Kerry's homemade tablet

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  • I’m the worst at drawing

  • Hi! I really would like to know what app you are using. It seems reaaaaaaaallyyyyy good. Greetz😜🥰

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  • NOOOO i think its better in digital! I love it

  • Moriah: I’m not the best artist Here’s me that can’t even draw a stick man

  • Story For The Ballon Hat Boy: He was Just A Normal Boy with a hat, and his parents gave him ballons and tied It to his hat,and his parents died, so his balloon hat is the memory of his parents.EDIT: I Mean He was just a normal boy with his favorite hat-

  • The cat, instead of looking annoyed that she is forced to do this, sorta looks to me like she's having a party and no one showed up lol

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  • I want you to stop... * Boop * StaWp :) 11:06

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  • When I draw I don't really like to color for some reason btw I'm only 7

  • Please make a part 3 of this video I love seeing you re make old artwork!

  • Can you do a drawing tutorial on your art style? I’m a beginner artist wanting to get better at drawing and I love your art style and your channel! I’m hoping to get your merch for my birthday. :)

  • You are such a great drawer and you use your left hand. I SAY THAT BECAUSE I CAN NOT WRITE WITH MY LEFT HAND.